Only NYLOIL from CAST NYLONS LIMITED offers three grades of self-lubricating Nylon bearing material tailored to meet your specific application. A cast nylon with built-in oil lubrication, NYLOIL provides superior machinability, performance, and durability compared to other plastic and traditional bearing materials. Three grades of NYLOIL are available to fit the most demanding applications: original green NYLOIL for most bearing applications; food-grade, Natural NYLOIL-FG for direct contact with food, and MoS2 filled
NYLOIL-MDX with slightly higher compressive load capabilities than original NYLOIL. The incorporation of an oil lubricant package into the nylon matrix provides significant advantages over other bearing materials:

  • Lubrication results in 25% lower coefficient of friction than other grades of nylon
  • Performs in harsh environments where lubrication is difficult, impossible or not desirable (food contact)
  • Works successfully in marine applications
  • Reduced water absorption promotes higher dimensional stability
  • Works and machines as easily as brass
  • Oil will not spin out, dry out, or drain out, even under the harshest operating conditions
  • During NYLOIL’s manufacturing process, an oil lubricant package is completely dispersed within the cast nylon matrix, making it an integral part of the casting’s structure

NYLOIL-MDX is formulated with Molybdenum Disulfide filler, which promotes higher crystallinity in the cast polymer, in addition to the oil lubricant package. This yields a bearing material with more consistent intermolecular structure and generally a narrower distribution within the range of physical property values, while retaining the advanced friction properties of unfilled NYLOIL.